LAX 600 – One Laser For Every Application

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Just imagine only needing one tool to get all your alignment, layout, and installation work done. STABILA’s innovative new 12V battery-powered LAX 600 multiline laser has three 360° laser line functionality making all your indoor measurements and layout work fast and accurate. The LAX 600 allows you to work over three planes across 360° for efficient levelling in the horizontal and vertical positions at the same time, while two vertical lines at right angles to one another enable the room to be divided into 4 x 90°. And then there’s a plumb line upwards and downwards, created by the point of intersection of the vertical lines, and a horizontal line for exact height transfers and precise layout work up to 30m. As the first laser in STABILA’s range to be powered by a rechargeable battery, the new LAX 600 meets the demands of the jobsite with an operating life of 28 hours. A quick recharging time of just 45 minutes means your laser won’t stop working until you do.

Trades That Will Benefit From The LAX 600

Drywall Construction

LAX 600 - One Laser For Every Application
Complete layout work, position partition walls & suspending ceilings

Electrical Installations

LAX 600
Transferring heights quickly and easily, aligning plug sockets, switches, and cable ducts horizontally and vertically with one another


LAX 600 - One Laser For Every Application
Marking out tile layouts, aligning and laying tiles


LAX 600 - One Laser For Every Application
Transferring marking points accurately to align pipe clips horizontally and vertically with one another, positioning and installing lines and heating pipes quickly

Easy Set Up & Versatile Accessories

The new LAX 600 has been designed to streamline all your applications with built-in self-leveling pendulum technology that ensures your laser is set up for your task in a matter of seconds. Built with the job site in mind the laser is IP 65 rated making it water and dustproof and has stable aluminium and glass cages, and a shock-absorbent STABILA soft grip casing that protects the laser optics against dirt and drops while working in rugged conditions.

The laser is powered by a 2Ah CAS 12 V LI POWER battery which means the unit is compatible with all CAS 12V battery packs and chargers. The laser has an operating life of 28 hours before needing to be recharged, and the battery’s service life can be extended by switching the laser line on and off depending on your application.

The new multi-line laser from STABILA comes with the a range of accessories to allow for flexible laser positioning. The kit includes a laser target plate with magnetic holder for easy mounting to metal rails, a SUB 10 universal bracket and SWB 10 mountable wall bracket. The SUB 10 universal bracket with 1/4″ and 5/8″ threads allows the unit to be mounted on tripods and rare-earth magnets means mounting onto metal is possible. The SWB 10 wall bracket with rough and fine adjustment capabilities allows you to accurately align the horizontal laser line.

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