Your One-Stop Shop for High Quality Personal Safety Gear

Welcome to Upat SA, the prime destination for top-tier personal safety equipment. Catering to a range of needs, we offer a comprehensive selection of items, including gloves, jobsite masks, safety vests, glasses, hearing protection, lanyards, and a range of accessories.

Embrace Jobsite Safety with High-quality Gloves

Offering top-of-the-line gloves designed with functionality and protection in mind, Upat SA ensures your hands stay safeguarded. From heavy-duty work to precise handling tasks, our gloves cater to all demands.

Jobsite Masks: Breathe Easy, Work Safely

Airborne hazards are common in many workplaces. Our selection of jobsite masks offer enhanced filtration and comfortable wear, ensuring you can breathe easy and work safely.

Stand Out with Our Safety Vests

Visibility is paramount when it comes to safety. Upat SA’s range of high-visibility safety vests ensure you’re seen, even in low light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.

Protect Your Vision with Safety Glasses

Don’t compromise on your eye protection. Our safety glasses provide superior resistance against flying particles, dust, and harmful rays, allowing you to focus on your task with peace of mind.

Secure Your Hearing with Reliable Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is a growing concern across industries. Our reliable hearing protection gear helps prevent damage and keeps your ears safe from harmful noise levels.

Lanyards & Accessories: Safety, Right Down to the Details

Whether you need lanyards for secure ID display or other safety accessories, we’ve got you covered. Every detail counts when it comes to personal safety.

Why Choose Upat SA for Personal Safety Gear?

  • Extensive range of quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Swift delivery options
  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Industry expertise

We Appreciate and Understand Jobsite Safety

At Upat SA, we understand the importance of personal safety in maintaining a productive and secure work environment. We are committed to supplying high-quality, durable products that meet and exceed safety standards. Trust us to protect you, your team, and your work environment. Shop now, and safeguard your workplace with our premium safety gear.

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