Secure Your World with Upat SA’s Supreme Screw Selection

Explore the vast universe of Upat SA’s top-of-the-range screws, each variant carefully designed to suit your unique needs. Our catalogue, hosting a variety of screws such as Coach, Chipboard, Stud, Terrace, Drywall, Tek, and Eye screws, assures you unparalleled quality and performance.

Unleash the Power of Coach Screws

Often underestimated, the Coach Screw holds a vital place in the construction world. The perfect partner for your timber-related tasks, its broad diameter and hexagonal head offers optimal grip and control. Does the world of timber structures intrigue you? Our Coach Screw range is the answer you seek.

Why Choose Our Chipboard Screws?

A flawless choice for woodwork, Chipboard Screws provide excellent pull-out resistance. With their sharp point and aggressive thread, assembly is as swift as a breeze. Why compromise efficiency for cost when you can enjoy both with Upat’s Chipboard Screws?

The Stud Screw: A Silent Guardian

Imagine a fastener strong enough to hold weighty structures, yet discreet enough to remain unseen. That’s our Stud Screw range for you. Can you envisage the strength and simplicity our Stud Screws can bring to your projects?

Perfecting Outdoor Spaces with Terrace Screws

Looking to build a lasting outdoor sanctuary? Our corrosion-resistant Terrace Screws are the secret ingredient for your terrace and outdoor structures. Isn’t it time to realise your outdoor project dreams with Upat’s robust Terrace Screws?

Impeccable Finish with Drywall Screws

When it comes to interior drywalls or plasterboards, our Drywall Screws offer superior holding power. Their sharp point and fine thread ensure a perfect finish every time. Ready to experience a seamless installation with our Drywall Screws?

The Versatile Tek Screw

For those requiring fastening without pre-drilling, the Tek Screw stands out. With a drill-point and thread, these screws are ideal for joining materials like metal and plastic. Want to expedite your assembly process? Our Tek Screw selection is all you need.

Convenience with Eye Screws

Do you require a fastening solution with a looped end for tethering cables or ropes? Our Eye Screws, with their threaded shank and ring head, are the epitome of convenience. Are you ready to simplify your workload with our efficient Eye Screws?

Your project deserves nothing but the best, and the best is at Upat SA.

At Upat SA, we understand that every project is unique, requiring tailored fastening solutions. Our screws provide strength, versatility, and quality to meet the highest demands. Enjoy the superior performance of our meticulously crafted screws, designed to provide reliability and precision.

Visit our Screw category today and find your perfect match. Your world-class construction begins with us at Upat SA. So, why wait? Start securing your world now.


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