Unlock Your Potential with High-Grade Clamps at Upat SA

Craftsmanship demands superior tools. At Upat SA, our diverse collection of clamps meets and exceeds industry standards. Discover how our C Clamps, One-Handed Clamps, Screw Clamps, and other varieties can elevate your workmanship.

Marvel at the Versatility of Our Clamps

From humble C Clamps to state-of-the-art Lever Clamps, our selection serves a multitude of purposes. Each of our clamps offers unrivalled control, precision, and durability. You’ll find they’re suited for all sorts of tasks, from basic woodworking to intricate metalworking, to robust construction jobs.

Dependable C Clamps

C Clamps, the timeless favourite, provide rock-solid stability for your workpiece. Their sturdy build ensures no task is too much.

Flexible One-Handed Clamps

For those demanding jobs that require a little extra manoeuvrability, our One-Handed Clamps offer the perfect solution. Uncompromising in strength, they grant a degree of flexibility unmatched in the industry.

Unrivalled Screw Clamps

When you require precise pressure application, nothing surpasses our Screw Clamps. Their design promotes accurate adjustments, making your work both simpler and more effective.

Our Exclusive Specialised Clamp Collections

In addition to our basics, we present more specialised options.

Robust Lever Clamps:

For the toughest jobs, leverage our Lever Clamps. They ensure your workpiece remains immovable.

Innovative Click Clamps:

Embrace convenience with Click Clamps. They secure your work in a snap, promoting efficiency.

Resilient Sash Clamps:

Ideal for large, flat workpieces, Sash Clamps provide optimal pressure distribution.

Adjustable Pipe Clamps:

For round objects, Pipe Clamps offer the perfect grip.

Spring Clamps:

Lightweight yet powerful, our Spring Clamps are ideal for quick tasks.

Toggle Clamps:

For repetitive clamping operations, Toggle Clamps grant a fast, secure grip.

Uncover Your Craftsmanship with Upat SA

No two tasks are the same. Our clamps cater to a range of applications. Are you securing a delicate piece for intricate carving, or firmly clamping a beam for heavy-duty construction? We have you covered. With Upat SA, you’ll unlock new levels of craftsmanship.

Embrace the Upat SA Advantage

Upat SA stands as a beacon of reliability and quality. As your partner in construction supply, we offer more than just products; we deliver satisfaction, efficiency, and exceptional results. Choose Upat SA clamps for the ultimate combination of durability, precision, and control.

Why settle for anything less? Elevate your craftsmanship to new heights with our robust, versatile clamps. Find the perfect fit for your needs in our comprehensive range. Upat SA, where superior tools lead to superior craftsmanship. Shop now to experience the Upat SA difference.

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