STABILA Lasers For Agricultural Flood Response

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What are STABILA Lasers?

STABILA lasers for agriculture are a range of high-quality, precision measuring tools that are designed to provide accurate measurements for various applications in the construction, engineering, and surveying of Agricultural operations. These lasers are known for their accuracy, reliability, and durability, making them a popular choice among professionals worldwide. In South Africa, STABILA has started to play a major role in the country’s Agricultural industry, and in this case study, the water and dustproof LAR 350 rotational laser was the perfect tool to repair broken contours and barriers after intense rainfall in the Waterpoort region.

Benefits of the LAR 350
Motion control of STABILA's LAR 350

Benefits of STABILA’s Lasers Technology:

Some benefits of using STABILA lasers on your Jobsite include:

  • Enhanced accuracy and precision
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Ease of use and user-friendly features
  • Durability and long-lasting performance
  • Versatility for various applications

Fixing Countours After Intense Rainfall:

The Floods and Their Impact

Waterpoort, a region in South Africa, experienced devastating floods at the start of 2023 that caused significant damage to the Agricultural industry in the area. The contour barriers surrounding farms were severely affected by the heavy rainfall experience and the long-distance LAR 350 Rotational Laser proved an invaluable tool in streamlining fixing the damaged barriers. These barriers play a crucial role in managing water flow and preventing soil erosion in the commercial agricultural industry in South Africa. 

Contouring barriers work by slowing down water flow, reducing erosion, and promoting water infiltration into the soil. The heavy rainfall that struck Waterpoort severely compromised these barriers, leading to the need for urgent contouring work. As a result, there was an urgent need to repair and rebuild the contour barriers to prevent further damage to the land and infrastructure.

Contouring Work with STABILA Lasers

How STABILA Lasers Are Used in Agricultural Contouring Applications

In this specific instance, STABILA’s LAR 350 Laser was employed to conduct accurate and efficient contouring work on a farm in Waterpoort. The laser was used to create precise measurements and guide the construction of new contour barriers. This process involved:

  1. Mapping the affected areas and identifying the locations for new contour barriers.
  2. Determining the most effective contour lines based on the survey data.
  3. Guiding the construction of new contour barriers according to the established contour lines.
STABILA and Agriculture
South African precision Agriculture

Challenges and Solutions

Some challenges faced during the contouring work included:

  1. Difficult terrain and weather conditions
  2. Limited resources and manpower
  3. The need for rapid response and construction
  4. Working over long distances

The use of STABILA LAR 350 Rotational Laser helped overcome these challenges by providing:

  1. Accurate and reliable measurements despite the difficult conditions
  2. Increased efficiency, allowing for optimal use of resources and manpower
  3. Streamlined construction processes through guided contouring
  4. Ability to work over long distances with motion control technology

Benefits of Using STABILA Lasers in Agricultural Applications:

STABILA Lasers For Agricultural Flood Response
STABILA LAR 350 Rotation Laser

Accuracy and Efficiency

Cost Savings

The STABILA laser played a crucial role in ensuring accurate and efficient contouring work. By providing precise measurements and guiding the construction of new contour barriers, the lasers contributed to a successful rebuilding effort that mitigated the effects of the floods. The laser assisted with streamlining the project thanks to innovative motion control technology and the laser’s ability to work over 800m when coupled with the receiver. 

Not only was the project completed faster than the traditional method of using a dumpy level but also resulted in significant cost savings. By streamlining the contouring process and increasing efficiency, fewer resources and man-hours were required to complete the project, ultimately reducing the overall cost.

Environmental Sustainability

Employing STABILA lasers in the contouring work also promoted environmental sustainability in the Waterpoort area. The accurate measurements and efficient construction processes minimised the disturbance to the surrounding environment, reducing the potential for further unnecessary erosion and damage.

Lessons Learned and Future Prospects

Key Takeaways

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of using STABILA’s LAR 350 laser in challenging Agricultural situations.
Some key takeaways include:

  1. The importance of accurate measurements in contouring work
  2. The value of technology in overcoming challenges and streamlining processes
  3. The potential for STABILA lasers to contribute to environmental sustainability effort

Future Applications

Given the success of this case study, STABILA lasers could be employed in various future applications, including:

  1. Infrastructure Disaster Response and rebuilding efforts across South Africa.
  2. Large-scale construction and infrastructure projects in Africa. 
Dam Building with STABILA Lasers
Construction with STABILA Lasers


The use of STABILA Lasers in the contouring work in Waterpoort proved to be highly effective in addressing the damage caused by floods. By providing accurate measurements and streamlining the construction process, the laser facilitated the successful rebuilding of contour barriers, resulting in cost savings, environmental benefits, and valuable lessons for future projects.

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