STABILA | Continually Reinvents Measurement Excellence 

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The STABILA name has been inextricably linked to measuring, leveling, and positioning excellence in the building industry for over a century. The history of the name began in 1865 when ANTON Ulrich, the uncle of the company’s subsequent founder, had the idea of combining several rules together to form a folding rule. In doing so, he set the standard for sectional rules still in use worldwide today as one of the most accurate forms of measuring. His nephew then set the foundations for the current world-renowned STABILA brand with the formation of the company in 1889. Constant, innovative development of measuring equipment for the building industry, numerous patents, and demand for quality and ease of operation have formed the basis for the brand’s long and successful history.

German Engineered Measuring and Positioning Tools in South Africa

Now from its base in Annweiler, STABILA continues to research new ways to improve measurement, positioning, and leveling tools for use in the building industry. The brand continues to incorporate the latest in measurement technological advancements into its tools to ensure users can rely on the ultimate levels of accuracy when using any STABILA tool. Whether its’ a Closed Tape Measure or Open Reel Tape, standard or digital Spirit Level, point, line or rotational Lasers using STABILA means getting the ultimate in durability and precision from your tools.

Why Use STABILA On Your South African Jobsite?

STABILA excellence

Taking precise measurements is one of the most important tasks on construction sites, which is why it’s crucial that professionals have tools they can rely on at all times. STABILA tools are unlike any other brand because they allow professionals working in Manufacturing, Surveying, Construction, and many more industries to carry out a variety of measurement tasks. STABILA tools have been built to deliver accuracy in the toughest conditions thanks to their IP ratings. Even in the ultra-tough conditions faced by hard-working South African professionals STABILA tools are built to last and provide reliable accuracy to ensure measuring mistakes can be avoided. Investing in STABILA tools means eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming rework on your project.

The Precision Behind STABILA Tools

 Our STABILA tools are made with your exacting standards in mind. This is because we are in constant dialogue with our customers, who work in a range of construction and industrial trades all over the world. We tailor and optimise our products to their specific requirements, through the combination of our professional customers’ wealth of experience and the expertise and skill of the STABILA Research and Development team STABILA is able to continually reinvent measurement and accuracy tools globally.  Our STABILA team of experts, developers and engineers test and evaluate prototypes in close partnership with professional users to ensure end-user needs to exceed expectations. Our experts ensure that any user issues are addressed and fixed long before any STABILA tool gets into end-user hands.

STABILA manufacturing

STABILA Range Of Tools

STABILA | Continually Reinvents Measurement Excellence 

No other measurement and accuracy brand has as wide a variety of measuring tools to offer professional users.

Looking at our entire range of measuring tools, from Spirit levels, Electronic Measuring Tools, Lasers, Tape measures, and Folding Rulers; you will be hard pressed to not find something that will upgrade your ability to easily and accurately take measurements in your professional area of expertise, no matter what that might be.

The STABILA brand is trusted globally for its commitment to quality and accuracy. We take the highest care in selecting materials during the production process and adhere to the strictest production standards. Our manufacturing process also ensures that multiple internal quality inspections are carried out during key phases of the manufacturing process. This ensures that our STABILA products are always accurate and that you can rest easy knowing that when you use a STABILA tool your work will meet the highest accuracy and precision levels.

When you use a STABILA product, you’re getting so much more than a simple measuring device. You’ll be getting your hands on the highest global standard of measuring excellence, with guaranteed accuracy for all your project needs. STABILA is so much more than a tool, it is how true pros measure. 


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