Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

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Why Working at Heights is Risky:

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re walking a tightrope. Below you, there’s a vast chasm. There’s no safety net; one wrong step, and you’re in grave danger. Professionals working at heights on any job site are akin to this. The importance of following safety procedures is not just about compliance—it’s about life and death. How often have we heard of accidents that could have been avoided had the right measures been in place?

Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

Venturing to great heights, whether for construction, maintenance, or any other task, brings along an array of inherent risks. At its core, working at heights is not merely a matter of altitude. It’s a dance with gravity, a challenge where every step can have momentous consequences. The sheer distance from the ground amplifies the risks involved, making even small errors potentially lethal.

Loss of balance can be triggered by various factors, such as sudden gusts of wind, slippery surfaces, or even momentary lapses in concentration. The ground, when viewed from a significant height, can seem like a distant, unforgiving plane, waiting to claim its next victim.

Equipment failure poses another serious threat. Malfunctioning gear, whether it’s a snapped harness, a broken scaffold plank, or a faulty tool, can spell disaster in an environment where there’s minimal room for error.

Upat SA: A brief introduction to a history of excellence

Upat SA isn’t just another name in the field of safety tools and solutions; they are masters of their craft. Carving a specialized niche in South Africa’s Professional Building and Trades industry the Upat SA offering isn’t limited to mere tools; they present complete solutions that prioritise workers’ well-being while working at heights. With a perfect blend of innovative anchoring technology, high-quality scaffolding anchoring attachments, and, world-class PPE, Upat SA continuously sets standards, ensuring that every worker’s safety is not just a necessity but a guaranteed assurance.

fischer Anchors: Stability Up High:

Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

The foundation of any height-related work lies in its anchoring and regulations state that all anchors used for working at heights must comply with the SANS 50795 standards. Both Metal and Chemical anchors are used by those working at heights and health and safety regulations stipulate that those working at heights with rope access require that a single person must be securely connected to a minimum of two ropes with two anchor points in the event of a fall. The anchors used to secure scaffolding and working at heights lifelines must have shock load approval.

fischer has a wide range of Mechanical Anchors that have been rigorously tested and conform to international best-performance tests in a variety of applications. When working at heights your anchor points are critical and users must ensure they use anchors that provide robustness, durability, extremely high load-bearing capabilities, and ease of installation. fischer values safety above all and can be relied upon.

Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

The real essence of any work at heights is the assurance that everything is anchored securely providing the peace of mind that should an accidental slip happen you have a safety line that is anchored with reliable fasteners. fischer’s Mechanical Anchors are the bedrock of this assurance. Not only are they robust, but their exceptional durability ensures that they stand the test of time and environment.

What makes them even more remarkable is their user-friendly design, facilitating easy installation. These anchors don’t merely hold structures; they are the guardians of stability, even when conditions turn treacherous. They ensure that structures stay in place, even under demanding conditions.

fischer has a host of anchors ideally suited for applications involved in Working at Heights such as EXA, FBS II, FAZ II, and FIS V360 Chemical Mortar and stud. Let’s see what anchors should be used in different building materials and for various applications:

fischer Chemical Mortar Range: Providing A Service Life Up To 100 Years

While mechanical anchors provide physical stability, fischer’s Chemical Mortar Range ensures:

1.1 Rope Work in Brickwork:

  • Effective bonding
  • Resistance to environmental factors
  • Long-term durability
  • Extremely high load-bearing capabilities

While the physical might of mechanical anchors is commendable, the fischer Chemical Mortar Range brings another dimension of stability – a molecular bond. This range ensures that the bond formed isn’t just effective but resilient against environmental factors such as sunlight, debris and rain. fischer’s range of vinylester chemical mortars and studs are approved for fixations in cracked and non-cracked concrete as well as in masonry and provide a service life of 100 years. The long-term durability means that once bonded, the connection remains steadfast, come rain or shine.

SOLUTION: FIS V 360 Chemical Mortar and Complementary Products

1.2 Rope Access into Concrete:

If time constraints do not allow for you to allow the FIS V 360 Chemical mortar to cure, then metal anchors can be used.

* All anchors must be no less than 10mm in diameter and 110mm in embedment depth

SOLUTION: EXA Expansion Anchor and FAZ II Bolt Anchor

* The EXA Anchor is ideal for working at height with lifts needed for cleaning windows.

* All anchors must be no less than 12mm diameter

1.3 Installing Lifelines

FIS V 360 is ideal for this application but please note that should you install this fixing into a water-proofed area (i.e. roof seal) then post installation of chemical anchor you would need to re-apply the water-seal process to maintain roof seal integrity.

SOLUTION: FIS 360 V 360 Chemical Mortar and Stud

1.4 Removable and Reusable Structure (i.e. scaffolding)

The FBS Ultracut Concrete Screw is ideal for anchoring removable structures such as scaffolding and has the added advantage of being removable and re-useable.

SOLUTION: FBS II Ultracut Concrete Screw

* All anchors must be no less than 12mm in diameter

fischer Scaffolding Wall Attachments: Secure Connections

When scaffolding, each attachment is a link that ensures safety. fischer’s Scaffolding Attachment offer:

  • Superior load-bearing capacities
  • Are durable and long-lasting
  • Ensure secure connections

In the world of scaffolding, each attachment isn’t just metal; it’s a lifeline. fischer takes this lifeline and reinforces it. Their Scaffolding Attachments aren’t ordinary; they promise and deliver unparalleled load-bearing capacities. Crafted with precision, they are enduring and stand tall against wear and tear, ensuring every scaffolding connection made is not just secure, but also lasting for the period of work.

For Assistance with Anchor specifications get in touch with our Engineer and ensure you and your team working at heights is kept safe with our range of fischer fixings.

2. Easily Adapt To Your Jobsite with Milwaukee

Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

Milwaukee has introduced world-class PPE suited for every job site keeping you safe and productive. Personal Protective Equipment has seen little innovation over the years driving users to modify their gear to better meet their needs.

Milwaukee has taken the time to understand the users’ needs and has developed a range of PPE solutions from the ground up, delivering Hard Hats, Safety glasses, Gloves, Vests, and Lanyards that allow users to adapt to each job. MILWAUKEE® is focused on creating innovative solutions that won’t slow users down, helping them stay safe and productive on the job site.

2.1 Milwaukee BOLT Safety Helmets: Easily Adapts To Your Jobsite

Milwaukee has designed an innovative new head protection system that balances user safety with jobsite demands allowing users to easily interchange helmet accessories as needed on the jobsite. When working at heights protecting your head is critical as head injuries can cause long-term, life-changing consequences. By not having the correct head protection you are opening yourself to brain injury. The brain – the epicenter of human functionality needs unparalleled protection when working at perilous heights. Step in Milwaukee BOLT Safety Helmets made from Lexan™ which is one of the strongest grades of polycarbonate on the market. Lexan™, unlike ABS helmets, are ultra-resistant to impacts and are 40% more flexible and stronger than ABS helmets. The Milwaukee BOLT helmet isn’t just a protective shell; it’s a shield protecting you on the job site. Meticulously designed with ergonomics in mind, they are feather-light, ensuring comfort. This innovative PPE solution has both your safety and comfort while working on the job site in mind. When it comes to protection against brutal impacts, the BOLT helmet is as solid as a fortress.

Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive
Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

Milwaukee BOLT Safety Helmets Features:

  • EN 397 certified for working at heights (equivalent to SANS 1397)
  • EN12492 certified for working on the ground (equivalent to SANS 12492)
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight
  • Offer optimal protection against impacts – 40% stronger than traditional ABS helmets

2.2 Milwaukee Tool Lanyards: Keeping You and Your Tools Secure When Working At Heights

Did you know that a falling object is the third highest cause of fatalities on the job site? When working at height the risk of tools and items falling increases dramatically and this accident could see a fatality on your next job site. Be sure you have the correct tool security measures in place. That’s why Milwaukee has developed a range of high-quality lanyards that meet the highest global standards for safety.

Milwaukee’s range of lanyards comes in a variety of weight-bearing capabilities to secure your tools and products while working at heights. Milwaukee lanyards:

  • Keep tools handy
  • Prevent tools from falling
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Imagine being suspended high above, needing a tool, and realising it’s not within reach. Milwaukee’s lanyards are the solution. These aren’t just ropes; they are lifelines for your tools. By keeping them within arm’s reach, they eliminate the hassle of retrieving them. More crucially, they prevent tools from taking a potentially dangerous plunge, mitigating the risk of injuries below.

3. STABILA Tools: Perfect Alignment on Metal Scaffolding

Achieving precision on metal scaffolding is made easy with STABILA’s magnetic levels and range of highly accurate outdoor Lasers that ensure when scaffolding is being erected it is square. Precision on metal scaffolding is a challenge and that’s where STABILA’s Magnetic Levels and long-distance outdoor lasers enter your Jobsite Toolkit. With these, achieving a perfect alignment isn’t a task; it’s a guarantee. The powerful magnetic grip of the rare earth magnets used in all STABILA magnetic levels ensures they stay in place, even on the slickest of surfaces making hands-free work possible. Crafted with the utmost care, they promise not just durability but pinpoint precision, making them an indispensable tool for any professional working on metal scaffolding.

Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive
Dangers of Working at Heights: Upat SA’s Product Keeping You Safe and Productive

STABILA digital magnetic levels and lasers ensure:

  • Perfect alignment
  • Strong magnetic grip
  • Durability and precision

3.1 Aligning Lifelines or Signage

SOLUTION: LAR 350 Rotational Laser

3.2 Alignment work

SOLUTION: LAX 600 Multi Line Laser

*Can be used for similar applications as the LAR 350 but must be used in conjunction with the REC 500G Receiver.

3.4 Working at Heights Installing Solar Panel System

SOLUTION : TECH 196-2 Digital Level

4. Training & Compliance: Essential Steps To Correct Product Knowledge

When it comes to working at heights, possessing top-notch tools and high-quality products is only half the battle won; the real triumph lies in mastering their use. Here’s where the significance of training and compliance becomes undeniably clear. Using tools without the correct know-how can be just as risky, if not more so, than using subpar equipment.

Upat SA, is deeply cognisant of this fact and has invested in its state-of-the-art Product Training Centre located in Centurion. This isn’t just a facility; it’s an academy of safety and proficiency. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn or a seasoned professional aiming to refresh your skills, this center caters to all.

At the heart of this center’s mission is the intent to ensure that every individual who uses Upat SA’s products does so with complete confidence and competence. Training sessions delve deep into the intricacies of products like fischer’s Mechanical & Chemical Anchors, Milwaukee’s Top of Range PPE, STABILA Spirit Levels and LaserS, and other Jobsite essentials, ensuring users understand not just their functionality, but also their potential when wielded correctly.

Moreover, in an industry where norms and standards are constantly evolving, staying compliant isn’t just about adhering to rules; it’s about safeguarding lives. Upat SA’s Training Centre emphasises the importance of compliance, equipping attendees with knowledge about the latest safety standards and best practices. In essence, while Upat SA’s tools provide the means to achieve tasks at great heights, their Product Training Centre in Centurion ensures that every task is carried out with expertise, precision, and, most importantly, safety.

Just like our tightrope walker, each step taken at heights needs assurance and security. Upat SA ensures that when professionals ascend to heights, they’re equipped not just with tools and products but with the confidence that they can be relied on. Every product, every attachment, and every piece of equipment stands as a testament to a community of standards

Safety matters are of paramount importance for us at Upat SA. Our mission is to offer the best quality in construction solutions and safety equipment to ensure every job site is safe and work-ready. Our wide range of solutions from Power Tools, Fixing and Anchoring Solutions, Leveling and Measuring Tools to quality PPE solutions are the best in the industry and we can guarantee 100% quality with all our solutions. Contact us today for Jobsite and safety solutions when working at heights.


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