Cable Fire Protection: fischer’s Comprehensive Solutions

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Fire incidents can cause severe damage to properties and pose a threat to the safety of occupants. To prevent such incidents, Upat SA through their supply of the fischer FireStop range provides a comprehensive range of cable fire protection solutions that can significantly reduce the risk of fire spreading through buildings and facilities. This article will unpack the importance of cable fire protection and how fischer’s products can offer the best passive fire protection for your properties.

Why Cable Coating is Crucial for Fire Protection:

Discover fischer Cable Fire Prevention solutions

The reality is that due to the sheer number of electrical wires running through your place of residence or office building means the need to have passive fire protection systems in place is critical. By not incorporating systems to prevent or slow down the spread of a fire and the resultant hazards and gasses means you undermine the safety of the occupants in a building.

Hundreds of electrical cables are present in any building and can ignite locally due to short-circuiting or overheating. Additionally, they can ignite by direct exposure to flames when preheated by fire caused by other means. The flammable insulation of electrical cables can facilitate and accelerate the spread of fire through buildings and endanger the lives of occupants.

Did you know that a fire can spread at an alarming rate of 20 meters per minute? However, the use of cable protection coating can significantly reduce the risk of fire spread.

Types of Cable Protection Coatings

There are different products available in the market for the protection of cables against fire spread. Specialised fire protection cladding made of non-combustible panels, prefabricated cable ducts, and fire protection wraps are some of the options. However, cable coating remains the most cost-effective solution. Upat SA provides ablative and intumescent coatings that offer comprehensive protection for your cables. Let’s unpack this passive fire protection solution.

FireStop Solutions for fable fire prevention

Ablative Coatings

Intumescent Coatings

Ablative coatings work by undergoing chemical and physical changes at high temperatures, resulting in an endothermic reaction. The material contains substances that cool the cable being protected and release gaseous substances that have an inhibiting effect on the flames. fischer’s FCC cable coating is a highly effective ablative coating that has been rigorously tested in various fire tests according to various international standards.

Intumescent coatings are the lightest form of passive fire protection. When exposed to heat, an intumescent coating is rapidly transformed through sublimation, and it can expand up to several times its original thickness to form a stable carbonaceous char. fischer’s FiAM coating is an advanced intumescent coating that provides superior fire protection for your cables.

Proper Application of Cable Protection Coatings

When using cable protection coatings, it is essential to ensure that the cable has adequate anchor support on both sides of any penetration. It is also crucial to apply the coating strictly according to the manufacturer’s specifications, as set out in approved and tested methods.

fischer’s Comprehensive Solutions:

The use of electrical cables in hazardous areas where flammable substances are present, such as chemical plants or refineries, requires specialised cable protection solutions. Our fischer FireStop coatings have been tested and proven to offer effective protection in such environments.

Renovation or retrofitting buildings with outdated or inadequate cable protection systems can be costly. fischer’s FireStop coating solutions provide a cost-effective solution that can be applied quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run. Cable fire protection is critical in ensuring the safety of occupants and preventing damage to property. The coating should be applied according to the approved method and tested to ensure that the desired level of fire protection is achieved.

We Are Here To Help

Upat SA’s fischer team of experts can provide training in the professional application of cable protection coating and many more Passive Fire Protection systems.

Charl providing training on cable fire protection

During the hands-on session our specialists will give hands-on training on how to correctly apply the Fire Protection coating correctly, as well as advice on how to ensure adequate anchoring support to maximize the protection offered by our products.

Installation of electrical cables in commercial or industrial buildings with high fire risk requires comprehensive fire protection solutions. fischer’s FCC coatings and FBS-EN coatings are the perfect solutions that provide high levels of fire protection for your cables. Our team of experts can also provide professional application training on applying the coating to ensure that your cables are protected.

Upat SA provides a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our fischer FireStop products are tested to the highest standards to ensure their effectiveness. The ablative and intumescent coatings are designed to provide a high level of protection against the spread of fire, ensuring the safety of occupants and protecting property.

We also offer a team of experts who can provide professional advice in the application of our products, certifying adequate installers of the fischer range of FireStop products in line with best-in-class practices.

Cable Fire Protection: fischer's Comprehensive Solutions
Cable Fire Protection: fischer's Comprehensive Solutions

In addition to our range of cable protection coatings, Upat SA also provides a range of FireStop products such as fire-resistant sealants or fire-resistant glazing solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of fire protection, ensuring that they are fully protected against the devastating effects of fire.

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