Unpacking The Milwaukee Difference

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Did you know that the global power tool market size reached $35.63 Billion in 2021, and is set to continue to grow? This is because both corded and cordless power tools are used in various industries including construction, mining, DIY, and industrial applications. Tradespeople working in steelwork, general building applications, woodworking, fabrication, and many more industries rely on their power tools to get their work done quickly, safely, and to a high-quality level. With so many power tool brands on offer in the market, end-users are left with uncertainty when considering which power tool brand to invest in. This article will outline the Milwaukee difference and give useful information on how a power tools technology will impact a tools longevity, performance, and durability.

As a global leader in the power tools race, Milwaukee has been providing innovative solutions driven by end-user needs since its inception in 1924 and today continues to be at the front of the pack, providing tool solutions that exceed end-user expectations and demands. The brands’ relentless drive to be a leader in the power tool race has led to massive innovations, not only in power tool design but more specifically in power tool battery technology. This article will outline the Milwaukee difference and delve into the technology features that make Milwaukee Tools the global powerhouse they are.


When asked why buy Milwaukee power tools over other competitors? One must understand the technology that makes up a battery-powered tool. Not only is Milwaukee a world leader when it comes to cordless innovation, simply due to the fact that the brand has the best REDLITHIUM™ batteries in the world, but the integrated technologies that make up Milwaukee tools as a whole system is what sets the brand apart.

Milwaukee tools have been designed to provide users with unprecedented runtime, power, and durability and this is thanks to the patented FUEL system, which is made up of three integrated elements to meet and surpass user demands and makes Milwaukee a unique power tool solution globally when compared to competitors. Milwaukee is the patent holder of REDLITHIUM™ ion battery technology and the REDLINK PLUS™ smart system ensures that Milwaukee power tools provide the best battery and tool performance, unlike other power tool competitors.

Milwaukee’s FUEL technology system functions as a three-part integrated system made up of POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motors, REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence, and REDLITHIUM™ battery technology. Milwaukee FUEL powered tools boast smart and intuitive tool functionality, whereby the motor is connected to the batteries with a REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence system that intuitively provides more or less power to the tool based on the given application. This integrated, smart system protects the tools from being overloaded and damaged. Let’s have a look at what makes up the Milwaukee FUEL system that drives the unmatched runtime and performance that comes when using Milwaukee power tools.

Milwaukee POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motors

Unpacking The Milwaukee Difference

All battery-powered Milwaukee tools on the M12 & M18V platforms on the FUEL system are fitted with patented POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motors. These are Milwaukee’s specially designed brushless motors that are smaller and have up to 75% more copper in their windings than opposition power tool brands. They also have stronger rare earth magnets in their commentators.

This gives the tool an overall higher and more sustained torque. Additionally, Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motors last up to 10 times longer than conventional brushed motors, giving users a longer tool lifespan.

REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence System

Unpacking The Milwaukee Difference

The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor is partnered with REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence system, which is a smart PC board built into the tool that acts as the communication node between the tool and battery. This ensures optimal tool performance each time you pull the trigger on the tool.

The REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence system will signal to the battery for a certain amount of power for the application underway. If the tool is being put under strain the REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence system has the ability to request more power from the battery. If there is enough charge left in the battery it will automatically provide more power to the tool allowing users to complete the application without worrying that the tool will be overloaded and damaged.

For example, if you take an SDS Plus Rotary Hammer and you drill with it at normal pressure, the drill will penetrate at the same speed and the RPMs will stay constant. As soon as you apply pressure or more force onto the drill, you will hear the tone of the tools’ motor change, indicating that the motor is applying more power for the application, but the RPMs of the drill bit will stay exactly the same and the tool will drill at the same speed. So essentially when you apply more pressure, the tool is signaling to the battery to provide more power to the machine and if there is sufficient battery supply the tool will accommodate.

REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology

Unpacking The Milwaukee Difference

The final element making up the Milwaukee difference is the patented REDLITHIUM™ battery technology. Developed by Milwaukee to give unprecedented power and runtime to meet end-user demands. All Lithium ion powered products make use of Milwaukee’s patented REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, signaling that Milwaukee is a leader in battery technology.

Milwaukee’s range of new High Output batteries outperforms any other competitor battery currently on the market and yet again Milwaukee is changing what cordless power tools can do. The new High Output batteries can perform from -28°C to +50°C, and the major advantage of this new battery technology is the individual cell monitoring and overload protection functionality built into all High Output batteries. Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™ batteries give users fade-free performance and delivers more runtime over the life cycle of the battery pack when compared to competitor power tool batteries.

The batteries have been built to withstand the toughest Jobsite conditions and have integrated rubber shell shock absorbers inside the battery packs to make Milwaukee batteries more durable. There are also gutters built into the packs which allow for any moisture accumulating inside the battery to be guttered away. Milwaukee batteries have a built-in water protection barrier to protect against corrosion ensuring no matter how tough the conditions the tool and battery continues to deliver on it’s ‘Nothing But Heavy Duty’ promise.

ONE-KEY™ Smart Tool Control

On the heavy-duty M18 battery platform there’s a fourth advantage that comes into play – which is the digital tool tracking and control ONE-KEY™ app. This digital app allows users to not only track their tools, but to manipulate the performance of the tool to reach optimal productivity levels for a given application. In summary, an M18 ONE-KEY™ enabled tool will give users the control to set up a tool for a given application and store these tool settings on the machine. For example, when using a drill driver or percussion drill and a user wants to drill 35mm holesaws into a distribution box. ONE-KEY™ enabled tools can be set up for this specific application whereby the user specifies the application i.e. 35mm holesaws into mild steel and the app will set the tool to function at the optimal settings for this application. Milwaukee battery-powered tools have a higher peak torque and sustained torque over the runtime of the application than compared to competitors and with over 215 battery-powered tools on their M18 and 95 tools on their sub-compact M12 tool platform Milwaukee has all your Jobsite needs covered.

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