Track, Control & Manage Your Tools With ONE-KEY

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When working on any jobsite there’s always the risk of things, like tools and consumables going missing, and a lost tool not only causes your productivity levels to drop but if it isn’t found will cost money to replace. Another challenge when working on a construction site is tools being damaged because users operate the tool for a given application using the incorrect settings causing tool damage and cost to fix or replace a tool. As a power tool supplier to the #NOTHINGBUTHEAVYDUTY tradesmen of South Africa, we know and understand these problems. That’s why we have the Milwaukee ONE-KEY system, the first digital cloud-based platform for tool and equipment customisation, tracking and management.



We’ve already seen and experienced it on SA’s jobsites. ONE-KEY changes the way users interact with their tools and helps solve user problems and frustrations that haven’t been addressed up until now.

The 3 main areas we have identified to help SA’s Tradesmen are Tool Customisation, Integrated Tool Tracking, and Tool Management. Let’s find out how Milwaukee’s industry-leading electronics are able to provide you with a new level of control and access to our Jobsite Power Tools. 

Tool Customisation

Track your tools



We all know the situation where one of your team members takes a tool and configures it for maximum output, even though it is 4 times the output needed for the application at hand. Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY app allows you to harness the power and speed of the M18 ONE KEY enabled tool and completely configure your tools for the application at hand. Wirelessly sync your tools to customise speed and torque settings directly into the tool’s memory. Allowing advanced electronics inside the tool to monitor the output of the tool and provide you with unmatched control and consistency no matter who works with the tool and pulls the trigger.

Integrated Tool Tracking

Track, Control & Manage Your Tools With ONE-KEY

Have you ever lost a tool on your Jobsite? What would you have given to be able to track the location of the tool and see where it was hidden? Now with Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY technology, you have full visibility of tool utilisation across your network of jobsites and people working with your tools.

As long as your ONE-KEY tool is within 30m of a smart device loaded with the ONE-KEY App the system will automatically keep records of the tool, allowing you to pinpoint missing tools quicker and increase the accountability of your Jobsite labour. Switching off the tool or removing the battery does not disable the App functionality as long as the tool is within the 30m radius of a smart device with the ONE-KEY App.

We are the first power tool brand to integrate this technology into our range of power tools. ONE‐KEY Tool Tracking provides you with a free, easy-to-use web & mobile platform to keep a virtual eye on your things, even when you aren’t on the Jobsite.

ONE-KEY technology also allows you to report a tool as stolen inside the ONE-KEY app, effectively locking it out making it completely inoperable and useless. Once the tool is recovered the lockout can be reversed. This allows users to stay one step ahead of nefarious workers or criminals on your job site.

Simplified Tool Management

Track, Control & Manage Your Tools With ONE-KEY

If you’re still wondering when to replace what tool, or don’t know which of your tools are getting overused, ONE-KEY’s Simplified Tool Management is the feature for you. Our Inventory management system creates a central place to log, track and manage all tools and equipment across your network of jobs and users. Keeping detailed records of all inventory to easily build a budget and manage annual spend on your equipment. Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY system allows for instant and easy information sharing between the field and back-office by assigning locations and owners to each of your power tools.

If you are struggling to get ahead due to the difficult Jobsite conditions then you need a power tool partner that won’t stop delivering on your Jobsite needs. That’s why we here at Milwaukee believe in harnessing the power of technology and innovation to ensure that all of our tool users get that #NOTHINGBUTHEAVYDUTY power tool experience.

If you want to learn more about how our Milwaukee Range of Power Tools can upgrade your Jobsite Productivity then get in touch with us today.

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