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Milwaukee Innovation – Unrelenting Disruptive Innovation

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The notion of ‘Disruptive innovation’ is what defines the Milwaukee Tools approach to their business and product solutions. A relentless drive to continuously innovate to meet end-user needs is what drives the brand. Upat SA is the local supplier of Milwaukee tools to the South African Construction industry and allied trades and we believe in providing our customers with the best and most innovative solutions when it comes to Jobsite technology.

Since Milwaukee tool began in 1924, the company has led the race in both durability and performance when it comes to power tools. With an unwavering commitment to the trades, Milwaukee continues to lead with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions. Establishing themselves as the leader in Jobsite innovation. Some of the innovative products from Milwaukee include the Tilt-Lock, the world’s first adjustable handle circular saw, and the Sawzall, a Hatchet Reciprocating Saw with a 6-position rotatable handle to name just a few. The brand is showing no signs of slowing down with new product innovations being released in the power tool, battery, hand tools and accessories, tool storage and PPE product ranges respectively.

World Leader In Cordless Power Tool Innovation

Known for its position as the world leader in cordless innovation in power tools, Milwaukee tools not only deliver on durability, runtime and usability, but are leading the pack when it comes to innovative tool technology. Bluetooth ONE KEY tool tracking and management and smart FUEL technology, as well as patented FORCE LOGIC, SHOCKWAVE accessories, and PACKOUT tool storage systems are driving the brands growth as being more than just a power tool brand, but to being a solutions provider. Milwaukee is ushering in the modern jobsite and by leveraging off leading technologies Milwaukee products are making jobsites more productive.

ONE -KEY Technology

Milwaukee Innovation - Unrelenting Disruptive Innovation

ONE KEY is an innovative tool tracking, management and control technology from Milwaukee that integrates all Bluetooth ONE-KEY enabled power tools and equipment into a digital platform. The tool management system works directly from the power tools themselves, which means that you are able to control all your tools simply by connecting them to the ONE KEY app. This technology from Milwaukee hopes to bring your Jobsite into the digital world, allowing you to customise the settings of each tool off of your phone or tablet, keep track of your tools on the Jobsite and have full control over your inventory management through a central management system.


Milwaukee Innovation - Unrelenting Disruptive Innovation

Milwaukee’s FORCE LOGIC patented system is the next step when it comes to the way high-force tools are used in the field. Milwaukee did the hard work through thoughtful design focused on workflows on the Jobsite, so that each tool simplifies a complicated process, delivering the best user experience of its kind. Whether it’s the M18 FORCE LOGIC 2″ – 3″ ProPEX Expander that auto-rotates and auto cycles for the most consistent installs or the M18 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool’s in-line design and easy open jaw that allows for presses be made anywhere a user can reach, FORCE LOGIC always delivers the smartest way to work.

SHOCKWAVE Accessories

Milwaukee Innovation - Unrelenting Disruptive Innovation

The launch of SHOCKWAVE in 2009 allowed Milwaukee to deliver the first line of power tool accessories specifically designed for use with impact drivers. As tool usage and technological advancements within impact drivers rapidly increased, SHOCKWAVE™ has continued to innovate and provide tradesmen with the best-performing impact accessories available. Milwaukee’s SHOCKWAVE-rated accessories have been designed to be the durable, best-fitting bits on the market. The Shockzone is optimized for each tip type and length of the driver bit, absorbing peak torque and prevents breaking. CUSTOM ALLOY76 steel and heat treatment is customized for each tip type providing up to 50 times more bit life, proving once again that Milwaukee is so much more than just a power tool company.

PACKOUT Modular Storage

Milwaukee Innovation - Unrelenting Disruptive Innovation

Milwaukee is a total Jobsite solution provider, and nowhere is this more noticeable than with the PACKOUT Modular Storage System which has revolutionised tool transportation, organisation, and storage for tradesmen working on heavy-duty South African Jobsites. Designed to provide users with the ability to interchange and interlock a wide assortment of heavy-duty toolboxes, organisers, totes, and more in multiple configurations. Today the Milwaukee PACKOUT system is the most versatile and durable modular storage system available in the South African market. Milwaukee knows that Jobsite storage is a critical part of making your life easier and allows you to be more efficient and effective. With Milwaukee’s PACKOUT system you can easily transport your tools around, no matter how demanding your Jobsite is.

Although Milwaukee is synonymous with power tools it is leading the race in disruptive innovation and is driven to meet the demands of end users. That is why so many professionals across SA are joining the Milwaukee Tools SA family as their full solutions provider. As the brand continues to innovate, Upat SA will continue to bring the best in Milwaukee innovations to our South African market to assist with increasing productivity on jobsites across SA.

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