DuoLine Fixings – fischer’s Latest Innovations In SA

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The DuoLine product range is an intelligent combination of material and design meeting new heights in fixing technology. In this product range, there are five types of fixing systems, each of which has its unique and creative features that highlight the product’s innovative abilities. In this article, we look at fischer’s DuoLine products, with a particular focus on the game-changing DuoPower plug and the DuoTec fixing system. 

All the products in the fischer DuoLine range have been designed to ensure ease of installation and top performance in a versatile range of application areas and building materials. Whether it’s installing wardrobes, lamps, or cupboards into a concrete, hollow block, or board material, DuoLine products activate to perform the optimum functional principle and thus guarantee maximum safety thanks to their combination of hard and soft nylon materials and smart design.

The intelligent two-component plug with three functional principles

DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA
DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA

The universal fischer DuoPower plug adjusts automatically to the building material being fixed into (i.e. expanding, folding or knotting) as required to achieve maximum load values in the specific building material. This high-quality nylon fixing combines two material components for even better performance and thus outshines conventional wall, gypsum plasterboard or cavity fixings.

DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA
DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA
DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA

The images above highlight the different functions of the Duo Power plug: folding, expanding, and knotting. The connection of soft and hard nylon materials enables an optimally matched screw-in and tightening torque. The red expansion wings support the safe spreading and offer additional safety to the nylon base. The basic body made of high-quality nylon automatically activates the optimum functional principle for permanent and secure fastening, depending on the construction material. The DuoPower plug is creatively designed with three functional zones shown below.

How the DuoPower Plug Functions

DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA

  • Functional zone 1: The dowel point spreads in two directions for higher pull-out forces in problematic building materials.
  • Functional zone 2: The spreading element spreads at a 90° angle to zones I and III and ensures optimum screw guidance.
  • Functional zone 3: The rear area of the anchor folds or spreads, depending on the building material.


The easy-to-install nylon gravity toggle for heavy loads in panel building materials

Duoline Range of Fixings from fischer
DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA

The fischer DuoTec comprises two nylon components and works optimally in solid building materials in a similar way to an expansion plug. The nylon gravity toggle is suitable for high loads in all drywall installations. Its short toggle element is ideal for use in narrow and insulated cavities. Possible applications include fixing TVs in place or mounting wall cupboards, lamps or shelves – this gravity toggle is an innovative all-rounder.

DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA
DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA
DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA

The illustration above shows how this plug works in different materials e.g Insulation material, wood, and plasterboard ensuring a secure installation.

DuoLine Fixings - fischer's Latest Innovations In SA

Product Functions:

  • Red-grey, glass-fiber reinforced tilting element for high tensile loads.
  • Metal-skeleton insert (fischer DUOTEC 12) for higher load-bearing capacity in very stable slab materials.
  • Screw holder for expansion plug function.
  • Screw adapter for toggle plug function.
  • Snap-in teeth to prevent rotation.
  • Glass fiber reinforced, adjustable collar sleeve for higher transverse loads.
  • Release the button (fischer DUOTEC 12) for fast insertion instead of screwing in the screw.
  • Grip band with catch for pre-fixing of tilting element and collar sleeve.
  • Handle for sensing obstacles (e. g. cables, pipes, etc.) in the cavity.
  • Scale for easy determination of the required screw length. (fischer DUOTEC 12)


fischer’s Duo Line product range can be described as innovative and technologically advanced in design and ease of installation. Due to its wide range of adaptability, it can be used in multiple facets of building and construction, from household use to large-scale construction projects. The fischer DuoLine wall plugs are a premium range, consisting of high-quality, adaptable, and flexible wall plugs. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications and building materials.

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